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Pa. Voters Approve Marsy's Law, But Legal Challenge Blocks Votes From Counting

HARRISBURG (KDKA) - Pennsylvanians approve Marsy's Law by a wide margin, but a superior court ruled the votes won't be counted or certified.

Despite the ruling and court challenges, residents voted yes for the victims rights referendum, or Marsy's Law, with 74 percent of voters approving.

The law aims to amend the Pennsylvania Constitution to give crime victims more rights.

Opponents say the laws could violate the constitutional rights of criminal defendants. They also say the referendum is a package of changes that need to be broken down individually for voters.

A commonwealth judge put an injunction in place barring votes from being counted while unresolved lawsuits are challenging the referendum. The state Supreme Court upheld the decision.

Supporters celebrated the unofficial results last night.

"Pennsylvanians have spoken. You have worked so hard. Now we just need our courts to follow suit. But tonight -- tonight is about celebrating. Tonight is about acknowledging this historic victory for survivors and victims," said Jennifer Storm.

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