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Accusations of shot birds put neighbors at odds

Accusations of shot birds put neighbors at odds
Accusations of shot birds put neighbors at odds 02:45

KENNEDY TOWNSHIP, Pa. (KDKA) - People in one local neighborhood are raising concerns about the safety of their community, saying a neighbor has been shooting and killing birds and they're worried someone could end up getting hurt.

They said they saw it happen on Sunday and that was the most recent incident. But that neighbor told KDKA it's not as it sounds.

"Just yesterday he shot a bird before noon," Sandra Linn said about her neighbor. 

He can be seen in a video shared with KDKA showing him using a garden tool to kill a bird Linn said he had just shot. In the video, you don't hear the gunshot or see him shoot the bird, only the animal fluttering on the ground before he hits it.

Linn said she has called the Kennedy Township Police and the game warden numerous times over the past two years to complain, but nothing has ever been done.

"My neighbors have called the police on him. I have done it when we've seen him shooting from his second-floor window, birds. I just think it's dangerous in a neighborhood of kids," Linn said. 

She adds the neighborhood is a walking community filled with new parents with babies in strollers along with kids who play in the street. Her fear is one day an innocent child will get hurt.

KDKA talked to the neighbor and showed him the video Linn shared with us. Jake Stikarofsky said he was just putting the animal out of its misery.

"They get caught in my blueberry net. Some of them are pretty not recoverable. They start maybe flopping a little bit or whatever and what -- a normal person would end their life. Why let them suffer?" Stikarofsky said. 

Stikarofsky said the gunshot sound his neighbors are hearing is just a pellet gun he uses for target practice. He let KDKA into his garage to show us the gun.

Stikarofsky denies ever shooting a bird or any animal on his property. He said he has numerous bird houses on his property he builds himself.

"In the winter when I have nothing to do I come up here, I make bird houses," he added.

He feels this is just a big misunderstanding.

But the neighbors said they aren't as convinced.

"When you hear a bang, you look. But if somebody is putting the gun down and they're going and picking up a flapping carcass," Linn said.

KDKA reached out to Kennedy Township Police to get more information about the complaints filed against Stikarofsky.

They have yet to return the call.

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