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Local High School Parents Upset Over Brawl Video

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- Some local moms say the video of their sons getting punched and kicked is just "too hard to watch."

Cheryl Stubbs says her son and two nephews were injured in a brawl outside Wilkinsburg High School.

The video shows security guards standing by during the chaos.

The mothers say they were told by the principal that the guards are not supposed to intervene.

"It was very hard to watch my son get jumped," Stubbs told KDKA's Kym Gable. "He was face down... with guys on him. Nobody helps him."

KDKA reached out to the private security firm, SSIS, which is contracted by the district.

No one was available after business hours.

No one from the School District was available to comment either.

The boys, two of whom are football players, were not seriously hurt, but they do have bumps and bruises.

A student posted the video on Facebook, but later took it down.

The parents plan to go to the high school to find out why the guards can't break up fights.

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