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Parents Suing Kinder Academy Of Robinson For Failing To Notify Parents Of Teacher's Criminal Conviction And Alleged Abuse

ROBINSON TOWNSHIP (KDKA) -- A Robinson Township Kinder Academy is facing legal trouble after a lawsuit says the facility failed to notify parents of alleged child abuse and the criminal conviction of one of its teachers.

Justin and Melissa Flook filed the 73-page civil suit against the convicted teacher, Mikayla Reznicak, Kinder Academy's owner Amy Wilsher and the director Colleen Vilsak for damages.

Unfortunately, Melissa and Justin Flook tell KDKA they've lived a nightmare since their 2-year-old daughter came home with unexplained bruises and marks on her skin.

"She would say, 'That teacher's not nice.' She said she squeezed her arm. She just didn't want to go," said Melissa Flook.

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The Flooks say their 2-year-old daughter came home from Kinder Academy with marks on her throat and arm in 2018 and they quickly confronted the daycare.

They said they were lead to believe the involved teacher was fired, but later learned she quit once allegations surfaced.

The parents notified investigators, the Office of Children, Youth and Families got involved, and Reznicak faced multiple felony charges.

She pleaded guilty to a lesser misdemeanor charge of endangering the welfare of children and will serve three years probation.

But the family claims Kinder Academy refused to notify other parents whose children were under Reznicak's care.

"Obviously hurting a child is completely unacceptable," said the couple's attorney, Mart Harris. "But to know that something is happening and to have the suspicion and to say I think we need to bring that teacher up so we can supervise her more closely and then to not do that- and then this happens."

Kinder Academy of Kennedy, now Kinder Academy of Robinson, touts itself online as a "healthy, safe and nurturing environment for all children."

The law firm representing the daycare tells KDKA they will not comment on any pending litigation.

The family's attorney tells KDKA's Meghan Schiller that he expects a response from the daycare's lawyer by Thursday.

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