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Good Samaritan helps teenager shot in Sheraden

Good Samaritan helps teenager shot in Sheraden
Good Samaritan helps teenager shot in Sheraden 03:17

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) - A Good Samaritan helped a teenager who was shot twice in Pittsburgh's Sheraden neighborhood on Thursday.  

Officers found the teen on Glen Mawr Street after they got a ShotSpotter alert for three rounds fired on Narcissus Avenue.   

Police said officers applied two tourniquets before medics arrived. The teen was taken to the hospital in stable condition. 

Dontrell Summers said he heard screams and ran outside and started helping.

"You just heard shots, like I heard a shot and then I heard a car pull off," he said. "Then I heard someone scream, 'oh my goodness.' I knew it's about to be real outside."

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Good Samaritan helps save teen after being shot 02:15

Summers heard gunshots and a car speed off. He ran outside his home on Glen Mawr Street and found a 16-year-old boy in the street shot in the arm and leg. 

"I'm talking to him: 'They are on their way, stay cool, stay calm, don't panic, don't roll over because the more you panic, the more your blood going to be out,'" Summers said. 

After calling 911, he grabbed a shirt and applied pressure to the teen's wounds. 

"I'm telling him to stay cool and I whispered a little prayer in my head, you know what I mean? Just in case anything happened."  

The victim's younger brother watched, stunned after seeing his brother shot. A car had pulled up as they were walking down the street. 

"He remembers the car," Summers said. "Brother was shook up. It was crazy. He got shot in front of him. They was walking down the street I guess because when I came out he, was standing there." 

Police confirmed the teen was shot twice and believe it was a targeted shooting. 

There was no word on any suspects. 

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