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With Peduto's Support, Braddock's Mayor Announces Run For Lieutenant Governor

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BRADDOCK (KDKA) -- After a strong showing last year in the Democratic primary for U.S. Senate, it was only a matter of time before Braddock Mayor John Fetterman tossed his hat into the ring again.

He did so on Tuesday, joking about the fact he always wears baggy shorts.

"Everyone's here for a major announcement. and I decided to wear long pants today," Fetterman told a crowd gathered to hear his announcement.

"Oh, and I'm also running for Lieutenant Governor," he added.

Lieutenant Governor?

Gov. Tom Wolf already has one!

Lt. Gov. Mike Stack, a former Philadelphia state senator, is Lt. Governor, but after Stack and his wife were allegedly abusive to state police and their staff, the governor cut his staff and seemingly disowned Stack.

So Fetterman and others see an opportunity to beat Stack in next May's Democratic primary.

Also in the race -- Aryanna Berringer

"I'm running for lieutenant governor in 2018," declared Berringer earlier this year.

Berringer is an Iraqi war veteran from Westmoreland County.

Another candidate is Chester County commissioner Kathi Cozzone.

The Braddock mayor, who calls himself a progressive who gets results, wasted no time going after President Donald Trump in a campaign video.

"Leadership in this country will turn around and use towns and places like mine as props. Donald Trump hasn't shown up since then and he won't," Fetterman said in the video.

Fetterman says that if he's elected lieutenant governor, he will not accept the frills of that office.

That means he won't live in the Lieutenant Governor's mansion or swim in its swimming pool.

In fact, he says, he will always live in Braddock across from a steel mill.

Fetterman has already picked up one key endorsement: Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto.

"There is a real need in this country right now to have a leader who can bring us together -- to have somebody who can stand up for that motto, if it's not for all, it's not for us," declared Peduto.

Now, obviously, if elected lieutenant governor, Fetterman would have to be in Harrisburg at least three or four days a week to preside over the state Senate.

Where he lives there, of course, is up to him.

Gov. Wolf's campaign had no comment.

At this stage at least, Democrats will pick the governor's running mate without any recommendation from him.

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