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Orthopedists See Increase In Plantar Fasciitis Cases And Overall Foot Pain Post-Pandemic

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) - It's become routine for a lot of people. You get up, you fire up the computer, and now you are at work in your house.

"A lot of people didn't wear shoes, or slippers or lazy man shoes inside the home," said Dr. Jim Sferra with Allegheny Health Network.

"Significant pain in the bottom of the foot. A lot of times, it's closer to the heel rather than the toes. People describe the startup pain when they get up in the morning and the first few steps, they say it's like someone is sticking a dagger in their foot," Dr. Sferra added.

Dr. Sferra said orthopedists are seeing more cases of plantar fasciitis and overall foot pain following the pandemic. The contributing factors all lead back to a lack of padding and support from the lack of wearing shoes.

"People tell me they don't wear shoes in their home, and I tell them to get yourself an inside pair of shoes. If you are worried about dirt or germs, have a pair by the door," Dr. Sferra said.

According to doctors, cushion allows for protection and stability for your feet, but that's not all. The lack of exercise and pandemic pounds are both contributing to this rise in cases.

"If you gain 10 pounds and you run, it feels like 100 pounds more on your feet. So much impact does take a toll on your feet," Dr. Sferra said.

What do you do if you are noticing these symptoms? Dr. Sferra told KDKA first to rest, wear shoes, do simples stretches, and if all else fails talk to your doctor.

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