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Police Search For 2nd Suspect In Shootout Outside Greensburg Bar

GREENSBURG, Pa. (KDKA) - Police in Greensburg say they've captured a suspect in a recent shooting outside a bar in Greensburg but a second alleged gunman is still on the run.

Police say initially it seemed like Evan Curley was ambushed outside the Rialto Bar. However, investigators say he was an active participant in the gun battle.

Telling law enforcement officers he was unable to walk due to injuries he suffered in the Jan. 30 incident, Evan Curley faced preliminary arraignment handcuffed in the back seat of a Westmoreland County sheriff's deputy's SUV.

"They were able to take him into custody by Walmart and West Hills Drive," said Acting Greensburg police Chief Shawn Denning. "It's believed his family was making arrangements to exit the state and possibly go to Detroit."

Investigators say Curley and 27-year-old Stevin German shot it out at the corner of West Otterman and Pennsylvania. Curley and another unnamed innocent bystander were both shots. Curley was initially thought to be a victim of an ambush.

"He was not just an innocent victim," Denning said.

In fact, investigators say German and Curley's gunbattle began with some words inside the restaurant.

evan curley stevin german
(Photo: Greensburg Police)

"We understand there was an argument inside the Rialto and there were possibly gang signs thrown up during the argument," Denning said. "Both the individuals went to their vehicles, got guns and basically had a shoot out on a crowded street."

Police say the two men fired about eight rounds, some of the bullets shattering glass on the bridge between the county courthouse and the courthouse annex. After the shooting, German fled and remains on the run as of Wednesday night.

"We believe he has gang ties. He's presumed to be armed and dangerous he has four firearms registered in his name," Denning said.

Evan Curley is now in the Westmoreland County Jail facing multiple felony counts, including attempted homicide and aggravated assault. The other individual shot continues to recover from his injuries.


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