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Foster: 'Idiotic' Not To Acknowledge Patriots

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PITTSBURGH (93-7 The Fan)- In a rare moment of honesty with who he deemed as an "old friend" in NBC's Tony Dungy, Steelers coach Mike Tomlin revealed that he is embracing the "elephant in the room" in looking ahead to the New England Patriots on Dec. 17 and likely beyond. This, of course, goes against Tomlin's one-week-at-a-time philosophy that he has held his entire coaching career in Pittsburgh.

Steelers guard Ramon Foster joined "The Fan Morning Show" in his weekly spot on Tuesday and commented on what his coach said in his nationally televised interview.

"I agree with him, I mean if we continue what we've been doing these next few weeks, we'll see the New England Patriots at home (in the playoffs) and everybody knows they're the team that everybody is chasing, not just the AFC, but the NFC," said Foster. "I think we'd be idiotic to not acknowledge that hey, that's a big time game for us probably twice this year. I love the fact that he called it out like that."

Ramon also marveled at the play of Antonio Brown and reaped some very high praise upon his teammate, especially for that sideline toe drag catch.

"There's going to be a point in this year to where he's going to make a play (along the sideline) that's 50/50 and they're going to call it a catch because he makes those all the time," said Foster. "The fact that he's able to (keep his feet in bounds along the sideline) like he's just breezing, you have to give your hats off to him. The year that he's having right now, there's no competition. He's the best wide receiver in the world."

Ramon also went the last drive that got the Steelers in field goal range to win the game against Green Bay and how Ben Roethlisberger commanded the troops.

"He's just giving us instructions, he's giving us the protection up front and within that protection there's also routes. He'll tell A.B., 'Hey A.B., do this,' 'Hey Eli, this, this and this.' It's something to hear the other instructions that he's giving guys in the huddle," said Foster. "On that last play before we ended up kicking it, he was like, 'Hey guys, we've got to get to this yard line right here, let's find the spot. But, if we can't get anything going just get down.' It was amazing to see because I don't know if guys were in tune to everything that was going on, but Le'Veon caught the ball and did exactly what Ben said. That saved us. He's been a general, hands down this year. Especially on those type of drives where we've got to respond."

You can hear the entire interview with Ramon Foster on his weekly hit on "The Fan Morning Show" Tuesdays at 8 a.m. above.

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