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Golden Retriever Bitten By Copperhead Snake In Connecticut

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WEST HARTFORD, Conn. (KDKA) - A golden retriever dog was bitten by a venomous snake in Hartford, Connecticut.

According to WFSB, the 13-month old puppy, Chappy, was taking a walk with his owner Tim Lynch when the snake bite that landed the dog in the hospital occurred.

Chappy golden retriever bit by copperhead snake
(Photo Submitted to WFSB)

Chappy was sniffing around during the walk when he encountered the snake. The puppy was bitten right on the face.

"That's a Copperhead and it's poisonous," said Tim Lynch, Chappy's owner.

Immediately after the bite, Lynch ran home with the dog while his wife took a picture of the snake before they went to the Connecticut Vet Associates where the dog's condition worsened.

"Had a small bite on the lip, which progressed over the stay to a very swollen lip and face," said Dr. Lourie Yelton. "We do not carry it routinely, snake bites are uncommon enough, luckily. The bite will cause local damage and swelling and in some cases, death of the skin around the area of the bite."

With the rarity of the case, anti-venom was not readily available. Yelton instead treated the puppy with an IV and what amounts to Benadryl.

After two days of recovery, Chappy is back to full health.

Yelton said the Lynch family did the right thing with taking a picture of the snake before rushing the dog to the hospital.

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