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Deadline Days Approach For Shipping Before Christmas

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- Santa may be able to deliver all of his presents in one night, but for everyone else, you need to plan ahead.

The deadline for shipping your holiday gifts is fast approaching if you want them to arrive before Christmas, but one of those deadlines is Wednesday.

It's no surprise that this week is expected to be the busiest mailing and shipping season with nearly 2.3 billion pieces of mail being processed and delivered.

FedEx says for ground shipping, packages need to be dropped off with them by Wednesday in order to be delivered in time for the holiday. The deadline for first class shipping with USPS is December 17, and UPS says to check online for details.

Even though these are shipping deadlines, all mailers say they can't guarantee a delivery date.

Some people say they tried to plan around those deadlines and hope the mail gets where it needs to be on time.

"I got here early in the morning. I feel like everything should get there on time, fingers crossed, but you never know, so we'll see what happens, but it'll be all right if you get there at least close to Christmas, if not Christmas," said Shaler resident Kaley Reber at the post office on McKnight Road.

For more information and detailed list of shipping deadlines ahead of the holiday, click here for KDKA's Holiday Shipping Deadline Guide.

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