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A Look At The Most Dangerous Intersections In The Pittsburgh Area

BRIDGEVILLE, Pa. (KDKA) -- A grandmother and granddaughter had quite the scare in Bridgeville when they were hit by a car trying to cross an intersection.

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The incident happened at the intersection of Washington Avenue at Hickman Street. Bridgeville Police Chief Chad King said the stretch of road has contributed to almost half the pedestrian-involved crashes in the last decade.

The surveillance video posted to the department's Facebook page shows the driver of the car hitting the two family members. Police believe the driver was looking at other pedestrians and didn't see these two. Investigators said the grandmother fractured her ribs and the granddaughter had some sprains.

"Fortunately, it wasn't a dead-center collision. It was more of a glancing blow that caught them before they were directly in front of the vehicle, which is good for them," King said.

Chief King said in the past 10 years, they've had 17 pedestrian-involved collisions in the borough. None have been fatal but three people received life-threatening injuries. Seven of the incidents, including this latest one, have occurred along Washington Avenue.

"Situational awareness, be aware of the whole roadway, curb to curb, and everything going on," Chief King said.

When KDKA's Chris Hoffman did some digging, none of these intersections showed up for the most dangerous in our area. According to a study done by a local law firm, during a five-year period leading up to 2018, the intersection of McKee Place at Forbes Avenue was deemed the most dangerous with nine crashes.

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"Down here, it's a lot faster and it's one of the first lights when you come in so you're still going pretty fast," University of Pittsburgh student Claire Mitchell said.

"It is kind of dangerous because the buses swing by really, really fast. They get really close to the curb so if you're kind of close to the curb, you can get hit by a bus," pedestrian Emily Bonaventure said.

Of the top ten most dangerous intersections in this study, none were in the city of Pittsburgh, though No. 10 was in McKeesport. Click here for more on the intersections.


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