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Third Shot Timeline: FDA Says They May Need More Time To Approve COVID-19 Boosters

WASHINGTON (KDKA) - The focus has been on one date: September 20th.

That's the day when Pfizer and Moderna were to start offering booster shots to everyone.

Now, the Food and Drug Administration says they may need more time.

Specifically, for Moderna. The FDA believes they need additional evidence to judge its booster.

As for Pfizer, the FDA's scientific advisers will publicly debate its evidence on September 17th, just three days before the administration's target.

If they approve another dose, then the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention will recommend who should get one.

Right now, the CDC is considering recommending the first boosters for nursing home residents and older adults who are at high risk.

As for Johnson & Johnson, the company has yet to share its booster data with the agency.

"I believe strongly that ultimately we're going to see that as proper regimen, three doses of an mRNA," said Dr. Anthony Fauci, National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Director.

In West Virginia, Gov. Jim Justice said this week that he's eager for the booster shots to begin now.

In fact, he's accusing the federal government of holding up West Virginia from leading in its COVID response.

For many vaccines, waiting six months for a booster is recommended, but the Biden administration has been planning on eight months.

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