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Chef Aaron Hoover's Recipe: Salmon Gravlax

Chef Aaron Hoover stopped by PTL to show off this delicious salmon recipe!

Salmon Gravlax

Serves 4

Salmon filet 1#
Wit beer 2 T
Salt ½ c
Sugar ¼ c
Black mustard seed, ground 2 t
Green Cardamom pods, husks 3 ea
removed and seeds ground

Rinse salmon and pat it dry. Mix rest of ingredients. It should be the consistency of wet sand.

Rub mix into salmon and coat well. Wrap salmon tight enough to keep in the curing mix, but loose enough to allow excess liquid to escape.

Place a plate upside down on a larger plate or sheet tray. Lay salmon on top of plate, and place another plate upside down on top. Place a few cans or other heavy objects on top, 2-3 pounds worth. Place in refrigerator for 24-48 hours. Unwrap and rinse off cure and pat dry. Slice thin and serve.

Salmon Gravlax

Dijon mustard 2 T
Sugar 1 t
Lemon juice 1 T
Fresh dill, finely chopped 1 T
Wit style beer ¼ c
Vegetable oil ½ c
Salt & pepper TT

Whisk all ingredients except the oil together. Add oil slowly or in 3-4 additions while whisking to

Season with S & P. Use within 24 hours, as the beer will oxidize quickly and may produce unwanted flavors.

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