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Candidates' Final Comments As They Vote

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- Most voters didn't bother to cast their ballots today, but the candidates for mayor did after a grueling negative campaign that seemed to wear everyone down.

"I feel a little bit nervous, anxious, exhausted all combined with a little sprinkling of optimism on top," commented Bill Peduto.

Behind in the polls, Jack Wagner expressed optimism that he would win because his main opponent, Peduto, was part of a dysfunctional city government.

"As we know, the most important poll is today. I really believe the people of Pittsburgh want to see leadership," noted Wagner. "They want to fix city government. They know that the people in city government are part of the problem and they're looking for new leadership."

But Peduto said he had more than 100 policy statements which he said he often delivered with humor.

"I felt that we brought a little level of humor and levity to it with our advertising, and I thought we were able to hit it out of the park by doing it at a grassroots level," Peduto added.

Ground game or not, Jake Wheatley predicted an upset.

"We believe we presented the best vision for change and hopefully come 8 o'clock this evening, we will have shocked the world," Wheatley said.

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