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Braddock Mayor Fetterman Contemplates Run For Lt. Governor

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BRADDOCK (KDKA) -- Two years ago, Braddock Mayor John Fetterman announced for U.S. Senate from his rooftop across from the Edgar Thompson steel works.

Unsuccessful then, he is now contemplating another run for statewide office in 2018. This time, for lieutenant governor, as Fetterman explained to KDKA political editor Jon Delano.

Delano: "Can you explain where you are in this process?"
Fetterman: "Really not far along in the process, Jon. The bottom line with my thinking would be if I could be of service to the party, to the ticket, to the issues that made me want to run in 2016, and it makes sense, then it is something I would consider."

Fetterman says it is essential that Governor Tom Wolf be re-elected.

"Governor Wolf really has to win reelection. He stands in between -- the only thing standing between Republican control," he said.

And if he can help Wolf win by being on the ticket, he would do it.

The current lieutenant governor -- Democrat Mike Stack, a former Philadelphia state senator -- lives in a taxpayer-paid mansion but was stripped of his security detail and domestic staff by Wolf amidst allegations he and his wife had mistreated them.

Fetterman denies that Wolf has reached out to him to run against Stack.

Delano: "Has Governor Wolf talked to you at all about running for lieutenant governor?"
Fetterman: "No. I haven't spoken at all with the governor. Not at all."
Delano: "Any of his staff people?"
Fetterman: "Nope."
Delano: "Anybody working for him?"
Fetterman: "No."

Fetterman says the Stacks have always been nice to him, and if he runs, it's on the issues.

But he makes a couple things clear.

Delano: "You would not live in the lieutenant governor's mansion?"
Fetterman: "I would not."
Delano: "What about all the frills that go with it, cars and..."
Fetterman: "Do I look like frill guy, Jon? I'm wearing the same shirt I wore when I was campaigning two years... so no."

But Fetterman says that's jumping ahead.

He still has not decided whether to run.

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