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Boy Receives New Chihuahua After Pit Bull Attack

COWANSVILLE (KDKA) -- Tragedy turned into excitement Thursday night for a 10-year-old Butler County boy whose puppy was put down several months ago after it was mauled by a neighbor's pit bull.

Fourth grader Joey Hershberger, of Butler Township, was walking his Chihuahua "Daisy" last August when a pit bull running loose attacked the small dog.

A family in Armstrong County saw the story in August, and today, and followed through on a promise to give the boy a dog once their pregnant dog gave birth.

Hershberger's mother, Janene, drove her son to Cowansville where he picked up a 7-week old Chihuahua puppy. He named the pooch J.J.

Hershberger was thrilled and he said he wanted to get home and cuddle in front of the TV with his new pup.

Kelly Burdette said she was so touched by the story about Joey and his dog, she wanted to take away some of the boy's pain, by giving him a new dog.

Butler Township Dog Warden Eugene Henry told KDKA-TV that the pit bull that mauled Joey's dog was put down.

The owner was fined for not having a dog license and for letting his dog roam without a leash.

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