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Best Places For Ear Piercings In Pittsburgh

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Getting your ears pierced can be a big decision. If you have waited until adulthood, the thought of needles or piercing guns could be enough to keep you from making the plunge. Rest assured, ear piercing is a pain that quickly subsides, and with the proper care, it will be done without incident. For very young children, many pediatricians will perform ear piercing and give you the proper products needed to care for the piercing until it is healed. At any location, it is best to go on a busy day to see how the piercer handles the people before you. If you are not satisfied after seeing this, it may be best to return on a different day to work with a different technician. If you don't know where to start in finding the right fit, these area businesses boast the title of best places for piercings in Pittsburgh.

Salon 51
3851 Pittsburgh Road
Perryopolis, PA 15473
(724) 797-2174

While more salons used to offer ear piercing services, Salon 51 is one of the few in this area that still does so. It boasts a friendly and knowledgeable staff that understands piercing, whether they're for veterans or first timers. In addition to ear piercing, the salon offers a variety of hair and skin services. If you a looking to get a whole new look along with your newly pierced ears, this is the ideal place.

Kutters Edge Body Piercing
16 W. Pike St.
Canonsburg, PA 15317
(724) 745-9415

Located in Canonsburg, Kutters Edge takes proper post-piercing care very seriously. Contact Kutters via phone or email with any questions about your upcoming piercing. If you have a previous piercing that is giving you trouble, staff here also offers advice or help to correct problems. A member of the Association of Professional Piercings, Kutters Edge promises excellent service and care instructions easy enough for anyone to follow.

Alter Ego Body Art Studio
1443 Potomac Ave.
Pittsburgh, PA 15216
(412) 344-1314

From simple ear piercing to complicated and exotic piercings, Alter Ego Body Art Studio will help you to express yourself. It provides clean and careful piercing services in its South Hills design studio. Staff here will also help you design a custom piercing for a unique look and the perfect jewelry pieces to highlight it. Alter Ego handles piercings for all ages, but anyone younger than age 18 must have in-person parental consent.

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Hot Rod Body Piercing Company
95 S. 16th St.
Pittsburgh, PA 15203
(412) 431-6077

Whether you are looking to get your ears pierced or something a little more edgy, Hot Rod Body Piercing Company in Pittsburgh's South Side has you covered. Hot Rod provides full body-piercing services, using the needle method. Although this may seem more intimidating than a piercing gun, many piercing advocates say it can be just as low-pain and in many cases more so as a piercing gun handled by an inexperienced piercer can cause tearing in the ear lobe. The piercing room at Hod Rod is clean and clinical looking, and is staffed with professional piercers who are experienced in a variety of piercing options.

South Side Tattoo and Body Piercing
2208 E. Carson St.
Pittsburgh, PA 15203
(412) 381-5401

If you are going for your first ear lobe piercing or you want to get a cartridge piercing, South Side Tattoo and Body Piercing is the place to go. It specializes in piercings of the ear, nose and face. It provides a clean atmosphere for both piercing and tattoos with professional, friendly staff. Walk-ins are welcome, but you may also make an appointment in advance. Don't stay too long, you may be inspired to add body art to the agenda.

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