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Beer Drinkers Lash Out Against Yuengling After Owner Backs Trump

POTTSVILLE (KDKA) -- When 73-year-old Dick Yuengling met Eric Trump at his Pottsville, Pennsylvania, brewery and then endorsed his father for president, Yuengling probably never thought some on social media would call to boycott his beer.

So unlike the old days.

"Social media has made it happen instantly, and vocally, and apparent to everyone," says Point Park University business professor Elaine Luther.

Luther is not surprised.

Endorsing candidates can be risky in this age of instant information.

"You risk alienating not only your own customers, but also your employees," Luther told KDKA political editor Jon Delano on Thursday.

Luther says the public understands if you have a good business reason -- like a gas company backing a pro-fracking candidate.

"But when you allow your emotions to come in and you are pledging for a candidate without that apparent business reason behind it, then you are putting yourself at risk."

Though, not all of the response was bad.

If an all-out economic boycott war broke out between Trump supporters and Clinton supporters, here's the problem for the Clinton folks.

Far more business CEOs have endorsed Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump, and that gives Republicans many more businesses to boycott.

For example, here are few companies whose co-founders or CEOs back Clinton: American Airlines, AOL, Apple,  Ben & Jerry's, Costco, eBay, Facebook, Netscape, Sprint,  Starbucks, Twitter, and Uber.

Trump can claim co-founders and CEOs of Beal Bank, Forbes,  Fox News, Hobby Lobby, Home Depot, Jenny Craig, Miller Coors, and NASCAR..

University of Pittsburgh political science professor Chris Bonneau thinks boycotts like this rarely work.

"I just think it's people upset, venting, and maybe bring it into the news, trying to rally support for their cause."

Bonneau says for most of us getting the best quality and prices are key.

"In the end you're going to the places that offer you the best prices and the best convenience."

"If you like Yuengling beer, are you really not going to drink it anymore because of what the CEO did? Highly unlikely."

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