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Bear Spotted In Bridgeville

BRIDGEVILLE (KDKA) -- A bear was spotted in Bridgeville and even caused some damage to at least one home.

"And I looked out and I said, 'Oh my goodness. It's a bear,' " Bridgeville resident Mary Ann Rotella said.

The Pennsylvania Game Commission said there are about 15,000 black bears roaming the state. Right now, the PA Game Commission is interested in getting just one bear to walk into the trap they set up in Rotella's yard, which was baited with bird seed.

A Pennsylvania black bear was spotted on Saturday in Rotella's backyard on Patterson Avenue. The bear was looking for a free lunch in Rotella's bird feeder.

"I've just been a nervous wreck for two days." Rotella said. "Sunday morning I got up. My porch screen was torn off, and the bear was in my patio."

Sally Pancari, Rotella's neighbor, said Rotella called her saying, "Don't let the dogs out. Oh heavens, no."

Mail carrier Joe DiPardo said he would have no idea what to do if he saw a bear.

"They say play dead," DiPardo said. "I don't think mace would stop a bear."

Rotella is ready for the bear to be caught.

"Oh, when that (trap) door goes, I'll let them know," Rotella said.

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