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Armstrong County Natives Tied Up By Suspect In Calif. Killing Spree

MANORVILLE (KDKA) -- There's a local connection to the killing spree in Southern California allegedly carried out by ex-police officer Christopher Dorner.

The couple that Dorner tied up is originally from Manorville, Armstrong County.

Jim and Karen Reynolds moved to Big Bear about 12 years ago, according to a Karen's cousin Libby Shumaker.

"We love them dearly, and we were scared to death when we heard about this," said Shumaker.

Jim and Karen were checking a cabin they own when they encountered Dorner. They say he tied them up and put pillowcases over their heads. They eventually were able to get free and call the police.

Shumaker talked to her cousin on the phone afterwards: "She's stressed out. It was a very frightening, very frightening event. I can't even imagine what they're going through."

Karen graduated from Ford City High School in 1974, Jim in 1965.

Jim Boarts is a long-time friend and was stunned to see them on TV explaining the ordeal.

"It just seems so surreal that they were in a situation that could have been death for them," said Boarts. "I was just glad they weren't hurt."

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