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Armstrong Co. Ice Jam Continues To Draw Spectators

ARMSTRONG COUNTY (KDKA) – An ice jam near Parker is causing concern, because it could be devastating if it melts too quickly.

It's something you have to see to believe.

There's thousands of huge chunks of ice on the river, creating what looks like a solid mass.

"More ice there right now than there was in 1959," one man said.

"This is the worst I've seen it," said another man.

The ice jam already melted somewhat over the weekend, causing flooding. But not much has changed since then.

"The river level where it's at now, the ice is not going to move," said one man.

The ice jam is so popular, it inspired a drink at local bar Riverstone Night Club. The question now is: will it cause any flooding?

Fire Chief Rick Amsler says they're watching the river, hoping the chunks will slowly melt and move down river, without causing any problems.

"And I honestly believe this going to be the year everybody says 'remember them 2014 when the river did this?'" he said.

People in Parker hope for warmer weather, but no rain, so that the ice will slowly melt.

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