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'I Put Myself In A Bad Predicament': Antonio Brown Vows To Return To NFL After Arrest

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. (KDKA) - Troubled NFL free agent and former Pittsburgh Steeler Antonio Brown says he's put himself in a bad predicament following his arrest last week.

Brown was just released from house arrest while awaiting trial on charges that he attacked a moving truck driver.

He spoke with USA Today Sports on Tuesday and told them he has plans to return to the NFL.

"I put myself in a bad predicament,'' he reportedly told USA Today. "I'm out of it now, man. Unfortunate situation, but we don't make excuses and we're going to make the best of it.'"

His relationship with the NFL has been rocky, with the wide receiver promising to return one minute and cussing out the league the next.

USA Today also reports Brown told them he feels bad for the children who used to look up to him.

"I'm going to make them proud, man," Brown told US Today. "I'm planning to come back to the NFL."


Brown turned himself into police after an arrest warrant was issued for him last week. He was released on $110,000 bond. Now a judge has freed him from house arrest, allowing him to travel freely so he can fulfill "contractual obligations."

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