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Anti-Fetterman billboard paid for by Oz campaign goes up in Braddock

Oz campaign places billboard in Braddock
Oz campaign places billboard in Braddock 00:41

BRADDOCK (KDKA) - Right next to the "Welcome To Braddock" sign is a new billboard, paid for by the Dr. Oz campaign. 

It shows toilet paper with the quote "Soft on skin, soft on bottoms" and then a picture of John Fetterman with the quote "Soft on Crime." 

Fetterman, prior to becoming lieutenant governor was the mayor of Braddock and he still lives there. 

In response, the Fetterman campaign said he confronted violence and there have been no deadly shootings in Braddock in over five years. 

The full statement they provided to KDKA is below. 

"Dr. Oz would not last a second in Braddock. This rich, fancy man lives in a mansion on a hill in New Jersey, what does he know about confronting crime? Nothing, he has no idea and no real solutions.

The reality is that John has actually taken on crime, as Mayor of Braddock John succeeded in confronting the gun violence epidemic – with Braddock going 5 ½ years without the loss of life through gun violence. As Mayor, John worked closely with the police and the community, showing up at crime scenes himself. Oz has not done anything on crime."

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