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Coronavirus Changes: American Airlines Relaxes Seating Policy

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) - American Airlines announced that they have relaxed their seating policy in an effort to promote social distancing.

Gate agents will be permitted to reassign seating in order to create more space between passengers. Once passengers board the plane, they will also be allowed to move to other seats within the plane, but that is subject to availability, weight, and balance restrictions.

They also are planning to block half of all middle seats.

American will also be temporarily suspending their checked pet service. Their reasoning is to reduce the risk of stranded pets.

They are still permitting carry-on pets and service animals.

Food and beverage services will also be reduced, based on flight length and destination.

Flights shorter than 2,200 miles will not provide alcohol in the main cabin and drinks will be limited to water, canned beverages, and juice. No snacks or food will be served.

For flights longer than 2,200 miles, alcohol will only be served on long-haul international flights. There also will be meals served on those flights but no snacks or food will be available for purchase.

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