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Owner of 2nd alligator loose in Kiski River says 'Neo' accidentally escaped

2nd alligator spotted in Kiski River got loose accidentally, owner says
2nd alligator spotted in Kiski River got loose accidentally, owner says 01:56

APOLLO, Pa. (KDKA) -- The owner of the alligator loose on the Kiski River said it got out accidentally and he's trying to find it. 

A group of kayakers spotted another alligator on the Kiski River over Labor Day weekend. It's the second gator to be on the loose after one nicknamed "Chomper" was caught a few weeks back near Apollo.

Just when you thought you'd heard the last of gators swimming in the Kiski, there's another one to keep an eye out for. 

Austin Randall says his 2-foot gator Neo made a break for it when he was moving the animal to a friend's house who also raises gators nearby in Apollo. Neo got loose from his container. 

"I tried to sneak in to catch him and he started running, took over the hill," Randall said. 

After that, it was literally "see you later, alligator." 

"No one wants the situation. It was a total accident. We didn't want it to happen, we didn't release him," Randall said. 

According to Randall, Neo was spotted near the Apollo Bridge and he hopes the gator finds his way to safety. Neo is domesticated -- or as domesticated as an alligator can get -- and it will probably end up snacking on a few fish in the Kiski, but he's got to be found before it starts to get cold. Randall says he'll keep looking for his lost scaley friend. 

"All my reptiles are like kids to me," he said. 

If you happen to see Neo, you're advised not to touch it and simply let the police handle it. 

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