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Possible alligator sighting in Kiski River reported to police

Possible alligator sighting in Kiski River reported to police
Possible alligator sighting in Kiski River reported to police 02:02

Apollo Borough (KDKA) - A few weeks after an alligator was rescued from the Kiski River, there might be another gator lurking in the water.

KDKA-TV has reached out to the Kiski police chief for confirmation. 

Many people are enjoying the Kiski River this Labor Day, whether it's kayaking, fishing or riding bikes on the Roaring Run Trail. They're also keeping an eye out for an alligator after there was a possible sighting in the water.

"I was going to bring my dog down here swimming but I'm not doing that until they find it," said Dominick Duso, an angler who was trying out his new fly rod in the river.

A group of kayakers said they made the unexpected discovery Sunday afternoon. Joshua Kelley took the photo of what looks like an alligator. Kelley said it was about 2 feet long and was about a mile-and-a-half upriver from the Roaring Run boat launch. He said he reported the sighting to the police.

"I was surprised the first time, so the second time was really surprising," Duso said.

"I didn't know, I don't know that's weird, but I thought it was an isolated thing but if it's not, that's kind of scary," said Cindy Fiore, a bicyclist.

Last month, there was a weeklong search for an alligator, now named Chomper. The four-foot reptile was apprehended by some fishermen in the Kiski River near Apollo Borough.

The Kiski police chief told KDKA-TV they believe it was abandoned by its owner. Now the gator is safe with Nathan's Reptile Rescue and will serve as an animal ambassador for their educational programs.

The fact that there could be another gator in the river is concerning to some people who use the river for recreational activities.

"It's just amazing that people are doing that there are better places to get rid of your gator, you know, rescue places and stuff like that where they can survive. It's not going to make it through the winter here. So, I feel bad for the gator mostly," Duso said.

People who frequent the Kiski River and the Roaring Run trail want to say, "See you later, alligator." Duso and Fiore said they hope the reptile gets a happy ending like Chomper did.

"I hope they catch it and give it a nice home," Duso said.

"I hope that they rescue it and that it doesn't make people alarmed and not want to walk the trail because it's beautiful," Fiore said.

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