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Allegheny County Public Works Urges Caution On Icy Roads

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) - Conditions have certainly improved from this morning but they have been inconsistent across the area.

Most main roads are doing better now and many communities are starting to hit their side roads from what KDKA could see going through eastern Allegheny County into Westmoreland and part of Armstrong.

There were still spots where it looked like no crews had come through for some time or at all.

Allegheny County Public Works says it has had 24 trucks going since yesterday morning and plans to have them running through midnight.

Public Works Director Stephen Shanley is telling drivers to be aware of any ice that can form between now and overnight.

"Just be cautious. Temperatures will drop tonight. There could be some frozen areas on the roadway wherever they are driving due to runoff or melted snow on the roadways," Shanley said.

"This is Pennsylvania, you have to expect bad roads in January and February. It's February 1st. Tell me what Phil is going to say tomorrow," Harrison Township resident John Michael said while cleaning his walkway.

County public works say it didn't have any major incidents to report on the roads this morning.

It was a similar story for the evening commute, though crews were concerned wet roads could turn to ice.

"We'll just consistently keep the crews out there until the storm passes," Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto said.

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The City of Pittsburgh had 50 trucks out Monday while PennDOT had 75, spreading salt and plowing snow.

Drivers are encouraged to watch for slick spots and changing road conditions while exercising patience as crews make their rounds.

You can find out who is responsible to clean your road with this link.

In Armstrong County, snowplow drivers sat behind the wheel for 12-hour shifts. Armstrong County rollings hills also present a tricky problem.

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