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3-D Laser Scanner Could Revolutionize Police, Security Procedures

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – It's something straight out of the TV show CSI.

And it's being used by emergency agencies all over the country.

Over the past couple days, Pittsburgh emergency management and homeland security have been training to use the 3-D laser scanner.

Nina DiCarlo East is the manager of the company bringing the device here.

"The way emergency management departments and homeland security plan to use them is with their critical infrastructure in the City of Pittsburgh, doing the different fields and stadiums, convention center as well as with the police departments," said East.

In layman terms, this is how the 3D laser scanner will work. It will allow emergency teams to know every nook and cranny in any building that has been scanned.

And there is more – how many times have you been behind an accident, stuck in traffic for hours as police reconstructed the seen and do measurements? The 3-D scanner will change all of that.

"You won't have a police officer measuring everything by hand," said East. "He's able to actually have it measured automatically b the 3-D laser scan. So you will be taking a four-hour police scene to an hour, so the road is open faster."

The 3-D scanner will also prove beneficial in court during jury trials.

"Instead of taking them to the crime scene, you can bring the crime scene to the jury in the courtroom in 3-D," said East. "Actually see it in person and not have to imagine what someone is telling them. They see it firsthand."

The $100,000 use to buy two scanners came from homeland security funds and they are already being used. PNC Park was the first of several facilities where large crowds gathered to be scanned.
So where will all of the information be stored?

Raymond DeMichiei, Deputy Dir. Of Emergency Management and Homeland Security says, "on thumb drives, on DVD, in all likelihood will be stored at the site."

Representatives learning the system are from various counties making up the Region 13 task force.

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