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Zeoli Show Log 4.15.15

3:00 A new report slammed the Philadelphia VA for mismanagement.

3:17 Rich talks to Daily News Columnist Ronnie Polaneczky about her piece on Kermit Gosnell's abandoned house.

3:34 Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was first asked if she used a private email account two years ago.

3:48 Rich talks to Michelle Singletary from the Washington Post, who writes that getting a large tax refund is a bad financial strategy.

4:01 Princeton students are protesting a concert by rapper Big Sean.

4:10 The University of Texas has banned certain frat party themes.

4:18 The Phillies are offering tickets on Groupon.

4:34 The elementary school teacher that had her student send get well letters to Mumia Abu-Jamal has apologized.

5:00 Hillary Clinton's roundtable with 'ordinary people' was staged by her campaign.

5:19 New Jersey Governor Chris Christie said, if elected President, he would crack down on states that legalized marijuana.

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