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Zeoli Show Log 12.15.15

3pm - 3 influential radio hosts are criticizing Donald Trump for going after Ted Cruz

3:30pm - Jason Riley, a senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute, a Wall Street Journal columnist and a Fox News commentator, discussed his article, Scalia Was Right About Race Preferences.

3:50pm -LAUSD threat : Los Angeles schools cancel classes

4pm - Lawmakers push to lift 'absurd' ban on vetting social media for visa seekers 

4:30pm - Will you be watching the debate tonight?

4:50pm - WH Spox: Republican 'Offensive, Hateful, Divisive Rhetoric' Endangering America

5pm  -  Steve Cordasco from the Cordasco Financial Network discussed the feds rising interest rates.

5:10pm - Famous "Daisy" Attack Ad from 1964

5:30pm - Should women hold all positions in military?




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