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Zeoli Show Log 11.19.16

3pm- President Elect Donald Trump nominates General Michael Flynn for National Security Adviser, Senator Jeff Sessions for Attorney General, and Mike Pompeo as CIA Director.

3:05pm- Could Mitt Romney be Trump's pick for Secretary of State? 

3:20pm- According to an article written by Elizabeth Nolan Brown, many of the alleged hate crimes that followed Trump's election last week turned out to be false after being investigated.

4pm- An 11 year old in Florida was suspended for using a knife to cut a peach.

4:15pm- Writer from, Ford Fisher, joins the show to discuss his new article "Trump's Department of Education predicted to be 'more rational,' less ideological than Obama's."

4:30pm- A video surfaced of a Starbucks that refused to fulfill order of customer who requested the name "Trump" be written on his cup. 

5pm- WIP Program Director, Spike Eskin, swings by to discuss the LeBron James/Phil Jackson "posse" controversy.


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