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Zeoli Show Log 1.9.15

3:00 Three terrorist suspects were killed by French police after taking hostages in two separate incidents.

3:48 A grand jury recommended filing criminal charges against Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane.

4:00 A judge in California has overturned the state's ban of foie gras.

4:16 Rich talks to Scott Shackford from Reason about President Obama's proposal to make community college free for students that maintain a certain grade point average and enroll at least half-time.

5:00 New Jersey Governor Chris Christie was interviewed by the FBI over the George Washington Bridge scandal.

5:01 Mitt Romney has told donors he is considering running for President again.

5:02 Anyone on the FBI watch list cannot be approved for a gun permit in New Jersey.

5:20 A New Jersey woman has died from complications related to the flu.

5:33 A girl in Bucks County girl wants to play football with boys.

5:44 Former Phillies pitcher Curt Schilling says he did not get into the Hall of Fame this year because he is a Republican.

5:51 Bill Cosby was heckled at a performance in Ontario.

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