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Zeoli Show Log 08.13.15

3pm - Breakfast is bad for you.

3:05pm - Hillary Clinton requested a book specializing in deleting e-mails.

3:20pm - The Democrats are in panic mode.

3:40PM - Updated on EPA spill.

3:45pm - The Battle of  & David Lee Roth and Sammy Hagar.

3:50pm - Updates on the Pope's visit. 

3:52pm - Rand Paul impression of Donald Trump.

4pm - Ask The Doctor: Dr. Mazz discussed an Uber form of healthcare and a woman sues the government after getting pregnant.

4:30pm - Gov. Ed Rendell discussed Kathleen Kane's response to the charges, Hillary Clinton's email and Fantasy Football.

5:15pm -  Do you or do you not refrigerate tomatoes?

5:20pm - Sesame Street moves to HBO.

5:25pm - Ben Carson isn't exactly objective about Planned Parenthood.

5:30pm - Louisiana man accused of committing a hate crime for ripping down a sign at an abortion clinic.

5:35pm - Billy Joel concert tonight at Citizens Bank Park.

5:40pm -  New Jersey announces transit plans for Pope. 







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