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You Can Drop Them Now!

By: Andy Wheeler

The fantasy season is a few weeks old. Some of the stuff we thought was going to happen has. Some stuff has not. And honestly it's amazing to me just how wrong on some stuff all fantasy "experts" have been. Myself included of course.

Let's go through some names of people you can just flat out get rid of and try somebody else on your bench or in your lineup. Trade them, drop them…it doesn't matter get them gone.

Lamar Miller:
During the preseason this guy was going to light up the world. It's still dark out. He's had 2 decent games where he's cracked double digit points, but that's not enough for me. I was expecting way better than this. I think he could be good in the future and will still have some good games, but I don't want him because he's not consistent at all. Somebody will take him so I say trade him away.

BenJarvus Green-Ellis:
Drop him! Get rid of him! Release release release. This guy was supposed to be a 1000 yard 10 td back on a consistent basis with Cincinnati. Well he hit 1000 yards last year, but he won't get close to that this year. Now he's already halfway to his 6 tds from last season. Unless you are using him as a flex replacement for a bye week there's almost no reason to start him since Gio Bernard has all but taken the main job away.

Rashard Mendenall:
He had one good week this season. He's in the "only play in a bye week if your desperate category. You can say goodbye anyway you so choose.

Montee Ball:
He's third in line for carries in Denver. He was supposed to be a beast. Remember in the preseason when he was going as early as the 3rd round in some drafts? Moreno does the heavy lifting, Hillman seems to be the garbage time guy and Ball had 1 carry for 1 yard last week. Let that sink in and then hit the drop button next to his name. He's owned in 84% of leagues right now…1 carry for 1 yard. Drop him!

Daryl Richardson:
He's gone from being THE guy to being a nobody in a backfield that is desperate for somebody to step put. He's owned in 82% of leagues and for some reason is actually starting in 8%. Both of these numbers are alarmingly high. He can go…as can everyone else in that backfield come to think of it.

Steelers Defense:
Are you kidding me? Owned in 79% of leagues? They are one of the worst defenses in the league so far. If you own them you are either a diehard Steelers fan that's an optimist or you are the worst fantasy owner of all time. They can go.

Steelers Running Backs:
If you aren't Le'veon Bell, then you should be dropped. The fact that Isaac Redman is owned in 68% of leagues is a disgrace to all leagues everywhere.

Green Bay Defense:
67% ownership for a team that stinks on defense? Are you kidding me? 2 interceptions in 4 weeks. 2! On a team that gets thrown on a lot because of their offense.

Julio Jones:
He's been out for the season for 2 days people! Some of you may have him in dynasty leagues but for him to still be owned in 75% of leagues means some of you aren't paying enough attention!

Have a great weekend everyone and good luck!

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