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Wolf Expected To Approve 10-Year Red Light Camera Extension

by Tony Romeo

HARRISBURG (CBS) -- A spokesman says Governor Wolf is expected to sign a bill on the way to his desk that would extend Philadelphia's red light camera program through 2027.

Under current law, the red light camera program covering Philadelphia and other eligible municipalities is set to expire next summer. The bill sent to Governor Wolf by the House would extend the red light program ten years beyond that.

Delaware County House Democrat Greg Vitali is not a fan of red light cameras, which he believes are more about making money than promoting safety.

"I find them very intrusive. I find them very big-brotherish," he said.

But during debate Monday, Philadelphia Republican John Taylor, chairman of the House Transportation Committee, defended the city's red light cameras.

"You have nothing to fear with red light cameras, unless you barrel through a red light," said Taylor.

The legislation also directs PennDOT to study the effectiveness of the red light camera program and report to the transportation committees of the legislature next summer.

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