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West Goshen Residents Voice Concerns About Proposed Pumping Station

By Todd Quinones

WEST GOSHEN Twp., Pa., (CBS) -- Residents in West Goshen Township voice concerns over a proposed pumping station to support fracking activities.

Plans call for it at the Marcus Hook Industrial Complex on the site of the former Sunoco Refinery.

"Why should the local residents and lawmakers believe, trust, or have any faith in what you are telling us?" resident Alan Steinberg said.

That direct question to Sunoco Logistics Management drew a standing ovation from the crowd.

Many expressed skepticism over the company's plans to build another pumping station near residential homes in West Goshen Township along 202 and Boot Road.

(Reporter:) "This whole station would be just right here?"

"Right behind the woods here," neighbor Kevin Link said.

Kevin Link and his neighbors will have a front row seat to the pumping station that would move tens of thousands of barrels of propane and ethane from Marcellus Shale every day.

"The primary concern is the safety," he said.

Residents packed West Chester East High School expressing concerns about a catastrophic failure and explosion along with the impact to property values, air and noise quality.

"We've been here for a long time. We've co-existed peacefully, we've operated safely here and without impact on the neighborhood before," Jeff Shields of Sunoco Logistics said.

The new pump would be built next to an old pump that was used to move gasoline and diesel.

The new pump would be tied into the underground pipeline there that was originally installed in the 1930's.

The Casey family is among those who don't want to see the new pump built.

"We've just going to put up the biggest fight you can imagine," resident Maria Cuddy-Casey said.

The pending legal battle as well as Sunoco Logistics requirement to obtain all necessary government approval means a final decision on whether or not the pumping station can be built is still likely several months away.


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