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On National Vote Early Day, Philadelphia Volunteers Urging Everyone To Make Their Voices Heard

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Saturday was the first-ever national Vote Early Day across the United States. The city of Philadelphia wants to ensure your voice is heard.

If you're still juggling your options for 2020, don't sweat it, just make sure you actually vote.

"Our students here are between the ages of 18 and 30," Shana Kennedy, executive director of Circadium, said, "and they're all first-time voters or people who are just new to the voting process so it really has felt appropriate and exciting."

The Philadelphia School of Circus Arts teamed up with the national Vote Early Day to ensure there's no clowning around before Nov 3.

"Everything from juggling and unicycling to tight wire walking and trapeze," Kennedy said.

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There are national Vote Early Day events going on all over the city, including in Center City on South Street and in Mount Airy. The goal is to show it's easier to vote than walk on a wire.

"We have satellite election offices all over the city where voters can show up in person to request a mail-in ballot, apply, receive the ballot, complete the ballot and return it, all in one spot," Republican City Commissioner Al Schmidt said.

The city commissioner's office says there are roughly 1.1 million voters registered in Philadelphia and estimates 700,000 of them will cast a ballot.

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Another Planet Barber Shop handed out information on, appropriately, satellite voting centers, making sure those of us on earth know when and how to participate in 2020.

"We believe in the power of barbers. We see barbers as leaders in their community and we see barber shops as community centers," Noah Marmar, with Shape Up The Vote, said.

The deadline to apply for a mail-in ballot in Pennsylvania is Tuesday.


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