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'Veganuary' Campaign Aims To Reduce Carbon Footprint

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- A new 'green movement' for January is starting to make it's way to America from across the pond.

The 'Veganuary' campaign, developed in the United Kingdom aims to have consumers cut animal products from their diet for the entire month of January.

"Going vegan is one of the most effective things you can do to help the environment," said spokeswoman, Clea Grady.

She said you can dramatically shrink your carbon footprint by giving up meat, milk and cheese.

"Animal agricultural is one of the main causes of climate change," she said. "It is the leading cause of deforestation."

And she said by saying no to beef, you could save thousands of gallons of water.

"There is as much water used in making one single hamburger, as you would if you showered for a month solid."

The idea spawned from the 'Mo-Vember' fundraiser, where men grow facial hair and collect money for prostate cancer research.

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