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Tulip Bulbs Are A Bright Idea

By Phran Novelli

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - They're back! As further proof that plants do most of the work themselves, my tulips are coming up again.

These were tulip bulbs that I got as a gift from a friend a couple of years ago and which I forgot about until the middle of winter when I shoved them into pots under a window in the garage, covered them with some potting soil I had lying around and 'watered' them by piling a foot of snow on top. Months later, shoots sprang up and I pulled the pots onto the patio where they bloomed beautifully.

Then, as the leaves died back, I sprinkled zinnia and cosmos seeds between them, which flowered into late fall, when I stuck the pots back into the garage. I did dump a handful of snow on top of them once this winter, and then I forgot about the tulips altogether until I saw green shoots in the pots a month ago.

So, I dragged them back out into the sunshine and now they're getting ready to bloom and put on another spectacular show.

I had very little to do with it, all the credit goes to the bulbs.

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