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Trump Tax Cut Puts 2 New Jersey Politicians At Odds With Each Other

CAMDEN, NJ  (CBS) -- The effect of the Trump tax cut has led to some fierce political debate, particularly in states like New Jersey hit hard by future limits on deductibility for state and local taxes on a federal return.

Republican Congressman Tom MacArthur and Democrat US Senator Cory Booker have worked jointly on past legislation, but they differ strongly on the tax cut, that Booker is pushing for MacArthur's defeat in the midterms.

"I know he often talks about his district, which it will hurt hundreds of people in his district, but it hurts the overall economy of the state," Booker told KYW Newsradio during a stop this week in Camden.

A Washington-based research group, The Tax Policy Center, this week suggested over 10 percent of New Jersey homeowners will see taxes rise, the largest percentage of any state in the country.

The same study found 61 percent of New Jersey residents would net a tax decrease, putting the state in the bottom five in that category.

MacArthur insists the tax cut percentage is low. He concedes the tax hike number is accurate, but blames that on high local taxes, and offers no apology for his yes vote on the federal tax cut.

"I am confident that the tax bill is going to help our state and it's going to help our country immeasurably," MacArthur told KYW in a telephone interview.

MacArthur was the lone vote in the New Jersey delegation in support of the Trump tax plan.

"I can look any constituent in the eye and tell them I did this to serve you," he added. "I did this because I think this is going to help you and it is."

Booker would beg to differ.

"If you want to stand with a President who is singularly attacking New Jersey's economic well-being, then you are clearly showing us you are with Donald Trump and you are against us," he said.

Both men admit their past cooperation and say they'll work together on other issues going forward. MacArthur calls the attack politics and nothing more.

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