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Transforming A Corner Marked By Tragedy Into A Place Of Loving Memories

By Cherri Gregg

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) --- A mother and three of her children were tragically killed while selling fruit for their church near Germantown and Allegheny Avenues last July. But thanks to a months long community effort-- their place of death will soon become a place of healing.

"It's like an eerie feeling, something is missing," says Rochelle Williams.

When Rochelle Williams and Florine Barker think of this corner of Germantown and Allegheny Avenue, the first thing that comes to mind is tragedy.

"It's very emotional when you go down there, it's very emotional," says Florine Barker, Friend of Keisha Williams.

It's emotional because this is the place where their friend and sister Keisha Williams and her 15, 10 and 7-year old children were run over when a pair of carjackers lost control of their stolen SUV.

"The kids died instantly, but Keisha held on for two weeks," says Williams.

Keisha Williams died, never knowing the fate of her children, and Cornelius Crawford and Jonathan Rosa landed behind bars accused of carjacking, sexual assault and the massacre of a family.

"They didn't just take their life, they affected a lot of people," says Barker.

Hundreds from the community mourned, and then folks like Sonia Blount, who volunteered alongside victims Keiearra, Joseph and Terrance at a neighborhood garden, went to work to make sure they are not forgotten.

"I just wanted to bring, life healing and peace," says Blount.

On Saturday from 1 to 4pm friends and family of Keisha Williams and her children will gather at Germantown and Allegheny for a celebration. Thanks to community effort, this corner of death will be transformed into a place of loving memory.

Mural Arts is still putting the finishing touches on this fence mural, inscribed with words of hope and the smiling faces of the victims who died here, images that could give hope and bring the community and this family together.

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