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Traffic Jam Sparks 'Traffic Jam' On The Schuylkill Expressway

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- This takes the phrase "traffic jam" to a whole new level!

An overturned car Saturday afternoon turned the eastbound lanes of the Schuylkill Expressway into a parking lot for nearly an hour.

Meteorologist Justin Berk was in one of the stuck cars and decided to make the best of the time while waiting for the lanes to reopen, according to his post on YouTube.

Berk posted he struck up a conversation with two members of the Trinidad North Steel Drum Band and convinced them to break out their instruments on the highway.

David and Mike, members of the band, appear to have obliged and set up their drums next to a concrete barrier and a real traffic jam ensued!

WATCH: The Traffic Jam Dance Party! (credit: Justin Berk)

Traffic Jamming: Party on shut down Penn Turnpike by Justin Berk on YouTube

After playing for several minutes, motorists got out of their car, began dancing and even played a game of limbo on the highway.

Eventually, the traffic cleared up, the motorists got back into their, the band packed up and everyone went on their way. But they will always remember the time they actually enjoyed a "traffic jam!"

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