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The Please Touch Museum Debuts Gardening Program

By Mike Dougherty

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- A new program opened at the Please Touch Museum this week and it gives kids a chance to work on their green thumbs.

Peppers, green beans and squash are just some of the veggies growing in this little garden outside the museum walls.

CEO Lynn McMaster said this is the perfect addition.

"It's dedicated to getting kids involved in an interactive way," said McMaster, "learning about plants, insects, how a garden grows."

Juliana Noone walked little ones through for the "Good Morning, Garden" program.

"It's important for them to form a connection with their environment at a very early age so that they recognize things." said Noone. "You'd be surprised how many kids don't fully understand where food comes from and food can grow and that food is plants."

The garden is a seasonal exhibit that will shut down in October.

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