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Taste With Tori: Two Fish In Haddonfield Promises Ever-Changing Seafood Specialties

HADDONFIELD, N.J. (CBS) -- Are you a fan of fresh, delicious seafood? Two Fish in Haddonfield aims to lure you in with a variety of seafood specialties.

The casual and intimate BYOB promises an ever-changing menu that incorporates locally-sourced ingredients.

In Haddonfield, a little 26-seat BYOB has hooked a big crowd on their incredibly fresh fish and fantastic flavors. It's a tough table to get, but worth the wiggle to dock and dine at Two Fish BYOB.

It's been a swimming success since 2016 as a result of its two owners, Mike and Felice. You'll find Felice steering customers in the dining room as they try to reel Mike in from the kitchen.

"Sometimes people go back in the kitchen and thank Mike," Felice said. "And that's something else that's great about a small, intimate place and you're able to go back and meet the chef, meet the person who made your meal that you enjoyed so much."

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And, in the kitchen, the seasoned seafood specialist is serious about his catch. Born and raised by the ocean, this Jersey boy isn't afraid to throw it back if it's not the best.

"My standard of seafood is so fresh, if it's not fresh when I get it, it's personally offensive," Mike said.

Taste the freshness in their salmon belly crudo...

salmon two fish
Credit: CBS3

... or the grilled octopus.

two fish octopus
Credit: CBS3

And you have to try the signature wild skate wing.

skate wing two fish
Credit: CBS3

Drop your line into Two Fish, and you'll be one happy fisherman.

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