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Stigall Show Log 8.28.13

6:10 Sarah Murnaghan who received two double-lung transplants earlier this year has returned home.

6:15 The White House is claiming chemical weapon use in Syria is a threat to the United States.

6:44 President Obama believes Martin Luther King would support Obamacare.

7:10 Chris talks to foreign policy expert Ed Turzanski about chemical weapons attacks in Syria and the appropriate response from the Obama administration.

7:46 Dick Yuengling of the Yuengling Brewery said Pennsylvania would benefit from the commonwealth becoming a right-to-work state and that he supports Governor Tom Corbett.

7:58 New Jersey Senate Candidate Corey Booker says he doesn't care if people thinks he's gay.

8:16 New Jersey has rejected a mans request for a vanity license plate inscribed "ATHEIST."

8:29 Shaggy is the current Piazza Pet of the Week. If you'd like to adopt a pet for your family check out

9:11 40 things you need to stop wearing forever.

9:10 Chris talks to Kentucky Senator Rand Paul about dealing with crisis in Syria and the state of the Republican party.

Rand Paul
Rand Paul (Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images)
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