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Stigall Show Log 10.10.13

6:11 Senator Pat Toomey says the U.S. will not default even if the debt ceiling is not raised.

6:42 New Jersey Senate Candidates Cory Booker and Steve Lonegan debated last night.

6:45 Cory Booker's lead over Steve Lonegan is shrinking according to recent polls.

Cory Booker
Cory Booker (Photo by Brad Barket/Getty Images)

7:11 The Pittsburgh Steelers have signed on to help promote the Affordable Care Act.

Pittsburgh Steelers
The Pittsburgh Steelers (Photo by Jamie McDonald/Getty Images)

8:10 Chris talks to Steve Lonegan, who is running for Senate in New Jersey against Cory Booker.

8:47 Megyn Kelly's show debuted on FOX News with an increase in ratings.

8:50 Katie Couric's daytime talk show is on the verge of cancellation.

Katie Couric
Katie Couric (Photo by Laura Cavanaugh/Getty Images)

8:58 The government shutdown is shrinking.

9:09 A Delaware professor has discovered a new firefly.

9:40 Chris talks to Terry Lenzner about his new book, The Investigator.

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