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South Jersey Substitute Teacher Dismissed After Telling Second Grader She Was 'Too Sexy' For Class

By Diana Rocco

EGG HARBOR CITY, NJ (CBS) -- "I'm angry that it was said … just completely inappropriate to say."
Henry Wilson's 7-year-old daughter Cadence was wearing what you might see any second grader wear to school -- a top with matching leggings. So when her teacher allegedly called her "too sexy for gym class," Wilson was outraged.

"She's just a normal little 7-year-old girl who likes to dress pretty, not sexy," Wilson says.

Wilson picked his daughter up from Charles Spragg Elementary School on Monday when she told him her substitute gym teacher, 40-year-old Marco Inskip, had called her a "bad name."

"Two other little girls who heard it had to tell the teacher because my daughter didn't even feel comfortable saying 'sexy,'" Wilson explains.

Wilson also says his daughter didn't even realize there were sexual undertones to what was said; she was upset about the language used.

The school's superintendent says that when confronted, Inskip said he called the girl "cute," then denied the accusations. But other students verified Cadence's story.

Superintendent John Gilly III says that Inskip was immediately dismissed.

"It seems to ad insult to injury when you're dealing with a 7-year-old, someone who's in second grade. There's no place in the classroom for anything like that to be said," Gilly says.

At Inskip's Absecon home, we were told to leave the property. Neighbors said they were surprised at the allegations.

Inskip has been subbing in Egg Harbor since October. Back in December, the school says he was reprimanded for using a curse word in front of a student after the child's parent came forward.

Parents are glad the school acted when they did.

"It's scary. It's scary."

Cadence's father has since filed a harassment complaint with the Egg Harbor City Police Department. As far as we know, charges have not yet been filed.

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