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Some Philadelphians Say 'Enough Already' After 2nd Presidential Debate

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Both campaigns are declaring victory for their candidate after the 2nd presidential debate, but people on the streets of Philadelphia say they were distressed by what they watched and are saying enough already.

The debate was a gripping 90 minutes of sparring.

Nearly every person we asked had tuned in. "This is a mockery of American politics," one man said.

"I just feel like there was not much of a sense of decorum," one woman said.

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The night was heavy on missteps, gaffes, and scandal, especially surrounding a 2005 salacious tape that surfaced before the weekend where Donald Trump made sexually suggestive comments about woman. That was just the starting point.

Hillary Clinton fired back, suggesting that Trump's campaign was an extension of that conduct.

Joe DeFelice, Philadelphia's GOP Chairman, said Trump was strong. "Trump entered this race as an outsider and he was able to win, not by going through the normal channels."

The Clinton email server was a flash point with Trump suggesting that is he were president, he'd investigate Clinton.

Philadelphia democrat, Jonathan Saidel, called the entire night a low point in the process. "What I saw last night, I think it's a stain on the entire political process."

Political experts and students agree that it was frustrating that apparently, neither candidate could answer the question when posed. We took some questions to Temple University broadcast journalism students.

"So far things seem to be very theatrical between the outlandish comments, or the back and forth banter between both candidates," said Temple student Lindsey Weiner.

"I think everybody's ready for it to be over with," said Temple journalism professor Karen Turner. "I don't think a whole lot has been accomplished in terms of the debates."

It was a debate that had lots of fireworks, but one that most chalked up to be shallow on substance. "There's no clear winner in these, because there's really nothing more that we're learning," Weiner said. "We're just watching them go back and forth. It's kind of that horse race mentality."

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