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Smart Technology Helping Prevent Sores In Patients Confined To Hospital Bed

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Keeping a patient's skin in good condition while in a hospital bed takes a lot of care, and now a new device could make it easier.

Bed sores can be a huge problem for patients confined to a hospital bed and health care professionals are always trying to keep skin healthy. Lourdes Health System is using a lightweight disposable sensor that's placed on the patient's chest to alert nurses when it's time for the patient to move.

"It allows the nurse to view on a computer screen the patient's turn," said Michele Wargo, Director of Nursing Systems. "They can see whether the patient is on the left side or the right side and there's a counter that will count down every two hours to remind the nurse that the patient is due for a turn."

She says before this, nurses would have to remember when it was time to help each patient find a new position.

"With the sensor and the nurses, we work with the patients to make sure they alternate and relieve pressure from their skins," Wargo said, "because no one wants a pressure ulcer."

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